Marlboro, NY


When I was 10, I started sewing my own clothes because I was tiny and nothing fit right. That piqued my interest in design. In high school, I was drawn to ceramics and photography and painting— any medium that felt creative.

Growing up in the Hudson Valley of NY, with its rich history of music and art, played heavily into my style.  

I continued creating as a hobby, but never considered it to have a future. Then in 2016 at age 23, I traveled to Jaipur, India, and discovered the rich, vibrant world of block printing.

Upon my return I set to work, researching and pouring thru fashion and art magazines with a focus on the 1960’s and 70’s. The color palettes of those vintage music posters and wallpaper would eventually make their way into my designs.

I began dreaming in repetitive patterns and in turn created prints that while spirited, capture and communicate a modern and simple aesthetic

Each piece is handmade in India — from the carving of the wood blocks, the mixing of the dyes, the stamping of the fabric, and the sewing of the products.

I look forward to sharing this journey of dreams and design.