Marlboro, NY

Block Printing

Every block is carved out of wood by hand. In a pattern, each color gets it’s own block- here is the outline block for the Daisy Chain print.

Master G (color expert extraordinaire) mixes the dyes by hand. He adds more pigment of magentas or greens to get the exact Pantone hue chosen for the print. When the color is perfect, it’s poured into a wooden box with metal slats inside. Cut burlap is placed on top to create a sort of ‘ink pad’. This ensures the ideal amount of dye when the block is dipped.

The pros ‘kiss’ the block to the dye and then perfectly place the block to the fabric- they hit the block twice to evenly distribute the dye, and repeat the process for the entire roll of fabric to create the pattern for this individual block.

They then repeat the process with the other blocks and colors that make up the pattern.

The end result is a complete pattern, which is sewn into various pretty lil things. If you look closely, there are small differences in each piece which is what makes block printed fabrics so unique and special!