Marlboro, NY

Gold Homegrown Napkins • Set of 5


A great addition to any home. Ditch those single use paper napkins and upgrade to a beautiful, more sustainable option. They truly bump up any meal just by being next to the plate. 
Plus, they make the perfect one-size-fits-all present for literally anyone ;)

· Set of 5 Gold Homegrown napkins
· Luxuriously oversized 18" x 18"
· 100% Cotton
· Machine wash on delicate
  tumble or hang to dry
  iron the back on low 

· Handmade in India
Each piece is hand block printed, making each and every one unique. Imperfections are what makes them so special. Some colors may have a stronger dye scent than others, but will lessen after being out of the package. Colors may slightly fade after washing.